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What is regressive hypnosis?

Regressive hypnosis is an adventure. It’s an action movie that takes you far, far away for a couple of hours; and you are the hero. This is your adventure. And, like in any adventure, fable, or story, in order to reach your goal, you must brave all sorts of obstacles, learning to survive along the way by confronting your fears.
You must take courage and fight against the monsters, insects, snakes, elves, gnomes and ghosts. But, you’ll also visit bewitching and marvelous places full of light, colors and aromas. You’ll run into lots of different characters, some that you already know and others you have yet to meet.
It is a journey through time, among dimensional portals and telepathic messages. It’s about diving into the depths, into your emotions, in search of the origins of your own motives. It is a journey into yourself.It makes no difference whether this is going on outside or inside your mind: it is your dream and you are there.

What can regressive hypnosis be used for?

Regressive hypnosis allows you to crack open the doors to your unconscious so that your Being can go beyond sensory perceptions and access information that it would be impossible (or almost impossible) to access under "normal" circumstances. This allows you to find answers to questions you may have been unable to resolve and to pinpoint the causes of problems, discomforts, anxieties and somatic symptoms hidden in other energy-space-time dimensions different from the one where you inhabit in this physical existence. Simply put: understanding the origin of a certain block, situation, position; becoming aware of the reason for these events as well as apparent coincidences; having a chance to interact with ourselves and with our surroundings at the energy level, allows us to resolve inner conflicts and unblock stagnant or deteriorating personal situations.

What happens during regressive hypnosis?

What happens to you during regressive hypnosis is exactly what happens to you every day without you realizing it; when you read something carefully, when you’re hooked by a good film; when you listen attentively to an interesting talk, or when you stop for a few minutes and think with your eyes open, isolating yourself from the rest of the world, even if only for a moment. It is exactly what happens when you take a nap. You settle in, relax and gradually let go. You begin to empty your mind, or start thinking about something, perhaps recalling something you just did or some other more distant memory. Memories sometimes change shapes or modality; they seem to develop much like dreams. When you open your eyes, you find yourself on the bed or sofa, or in your seat on the bus, and you almost wish you had stayed in that other dimension; you come back to the present. But, what if during your nap you had an external voice guiding you through that journey inside your mind? What happens is that you become the protagonist of an adventure. Your adventure. This is what happens with regressive hypnosis. You live out a dream, your dream. Contrary to what some may think, during regressive hypnosis, your level of consciousness is not diminished, but rather increased; that is why you are able to access important and much needed information that it is impossible (or nearly impossible) to access in a normal state of consciousness.

What happens if the connection is lost during an internet session?

In most cases, you will realize that there is no longer anyone on the other side of the line and, then, you will open your eyes, reestablish the connection and continue with the session as if nothing had happened. With deeper trances, when there is no other external stimulus, the state itself will become a natural sleep state followed by a spontaneous awakening after a few minutes or even a little longer. This is what happens when you're sleeping at night and realize you are thirsty or need to use the bathroom. You wake up, get up, walk around your apartment, go back to bed and almost immediately fall asleep again. Or, when you get a message on your cell phone while napping. You may decide to see who’s sent it, maybe you even decide to respond and then leave your cell phone on the nightstand, and go back to enjoying your nap.

Are the effects of regressive hypnosis immediately noticeable?

Some results are immediately noticeable, but others need a fairly long time to manifest. The time it takes to digest a regressive hypnosis session varies depending on the person and the circumstances. Some people notice the benefits as soon as the session is over, while others sense a gradual yet steady personal transformation, noticing differences with respect to the past, week after week and month after month. - How long do the effects of regressive hypnosis last? This is very much relative. The duration of effects depends on the compatibility with the goal reached in a regressive hypnosis. It all depends on our personalities and these can change at any given moment by our own volition. Some results can last several days or weeks. Others last until other changes take place that replace the previous one, others can last a lifetime.

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